Vess Restoration Cleaning Systems

VESS Restoration Cleaning Systems are proprietary systems developed from 30+ years experience in the cleaning and restoration of heritage buildings

The VESS high-temperature / low pressure water / steam system is a proprietary system  that is effective at removing many types of biological and other matter from surfaces. This unique system delivers very hot steam or water but as its applied at low pressure it is gentle to the surface being cleaned and will not cause any additional damage to the surface, or waterlog the surface unnecessarily.
When used for the removal of the biological growths such as algae, bacteria, fungi, lichens and mosses, the high water / steam temperatures can kill the spores that cause re-growth. 
High temperature water / steam is also effective in the removal of contaminants such as:

  • Biological growths (such as algae, bacteria, fungi, lichens and mosses)
  • Paint and other coating (including graffiti)
  • Oil and grease contamination
  • Dirt, grime and the build up of pollutants

The VESS Paint Stripping system is Unique. Removing either individual layers of paint to reveal original paint or artwork underneath or remove all the paint to expose the substrate underneath. The stripping technique firstly breaks the bond between the surface and the attached paint. Once the bond is broken the most appropriate systems are used to remove the paint.  Once paint is removed from a substrate a proprietary flushing technique is used to remove all vestiges of the paint right out of the pours of the surface.
Using these techniques paint can be successfully removed without damage and leaving the substrate in a pristine condition from; Wood, Stone, Bricks, Blocks, Oamaru Stone.

VESS dry steam cleaning uses high temperature dry steam for cleaning surfaces, particularly interior surfaces or where it is important they are cleaned using a dry cleaning technique.

The system converts water to into dry steam vapor with a temperature of up to 180+ degrees Celsius. The temperature and the pressure of the steam can be controlled by the operator so that the surface can be effectively and safely cleaned without damage. Another advantage of VESS dry steam cleaning is that it can be very effective means to clean and sanitize a surface without the need of chemicals.

Very high temperature dry steam vapor  is a very effective means of;

  • cleaning dirt, grime and contaminants from surfaces
  • sanitizing practically any building surface (interior and exterior)
  • killing algae, bacteria, fungi, lichens and mosses and the spores that cause re-growth
  • eliminating mould, mildew and most bacteria, germs, allergens and viruses

VESS Cleaning Film is ideal for cleaning surfaces when water can’t be used or the surface is very delicate. This cleaning system is ideal for cleaning and restoring the interior surfaces of stone buildings.  We apply a layer of latex film on the surface to be cleaned, and once cured the film is peeled off along with the dirt, grime, smoke stains, and pollution. This is a very safe system as it will not damage the substrate either abrasively of chemically.

The VESS Cleaning Film system is ideal for restoring internal surfaces. Particularly for building that may have never had there interiors comprehensively cleaned since they were build the removal of dirt, grime and smoke marks etc can restore the interior of the building to as it was when it was new adding new beauty and life to the building.

Where control of biological growths such as algae, bacteria, fungi, lichens and mosses on the surface of stone is considered necessary for reasons of safety, decay or aesthetics, it can be achieved though;
Controlling surface wetness, by repairing or improving drainage, or encouraging quicker dry-out by reducing the sheltering effects of closely situated vegetation or other structures.
Removal of the growths using the VESS high temperature water / steam cleaning applied  gently at low pressure. Often this technique will not only remove algae, bacteria, fungi, lichens and mosses, but also kill the spores that cause re-growth
VESS biocide washes are also used in the removal of biological growths, as well as in the protection of the surface against re-growth

VESS Chemical Washing Systems used for gently washing building and structure. The chemicals used have been developed from exhaustive research and testing.
Our goals being to have chemical wash systems available to use when needed that:

  • don’t damage the substrate and/or its coatings
  • have the desired cleaning properties
  • are environmentally friendly as possible

Our House wash system uses detergents you can wash your clothes with.

The chemical is applied and left to do its work, then rinsed away leaving the surface clean. The advantage of chemical wash systems is the gentleness of the cleaning, no high pressure cleaning or waterblasting is employed, only a soft water rinse is employed

VESS Systems have perfected Acid Etching Techniques. These include etching new floors for painting, cleaning and etching old work shop floors to accept painting systems. 

 VESS acid etch new block and brick surfaces to remove mortar/cement that has been splashed around during the building process and creates and even clean surface to accept any coating or to be just left natural.
 VESS Acid Etch can also remove years of efflorescence build up off any surface.