VESS Restoration Cleaning Systems

For cleaning:

  •  stone,
  •  brick,
  •  marble,
  •  Oamaru stone,
  •  concrete,
  •  wood,

without risking further damage to the building surface.

Cleaning a building is often critical for its restoration, its ongoing health,
as well as its aesthetic appeal.
Proprietary Systems
developed from 30+ years experience

VESS Restoration Cleaning Systems are proprietary systems developed from 30+ years experience in the cleaning and restoration of heritage buildings and buildings requiring a sensitive and/or innovative approach.

best practice cleaning techniques

VESS Restoration Cleaning Systems provides building owners and restorer's access to this expertise and to best practice cleaning techniques for removal of: dirt, grime, pollutants, biological growths, paint, graffiti and other surface contaminants effectively and safely.

Proven effective and safe
without risk of further damage

VESS Restoration Cleaning Systems are proven effective and safe, and combined with the experience of an accredited VESS Cleaning Contractor to correctly match the correct cleaning technique for particular cleaning problems, the surface will be restored as desired without any risk of further damage or unintended consequences.

Cleaning of a heritage or important building without understanding or giving due regard to all the consequences of the cleaning being undertaken and techniques being used can lead to the building surface being irreparably damaged. Typical damage from using inappropriate techniques, over cleaning, abrasive high pressure sand / water blasting, over use or inappropriate use of chemicals can include destruction of the building surface, colour changes or discoloration of the surface, changes to the chemical nature and porosity of the surface. And once the building has been cleaned, incidents of re-soiling, iron mobilization, efflorescence, vandalism and graffiti further complicate matters.